Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon rolls

A yeasted bread recipe that didn't require you to break up a sweat when kneading - in fact no kneading required at all! - what could be better than that? I got teased a lot before in school everytime we have to make breads because where as my classmates would treat their dough as a punching bag, putting all their efforts to it, I would simply prod at the dough here and there with my fingers, coax them to shape and declare them done.

I wouldn't even now what a properly kneaded dough would feel like even if they hit me in the face. My only consolation was that the breads I made turned out okay - as long as they are eaten the first hour they were made. After that is quite another story, so I made it a point to bake only as much as I thought would be eaten immediately.

cinnamon rolls

I've heard of the No-knead bread that's been blogged about many times over but I don't have a dutch oven so I couldn't try it even if I want too. This one however didn't need special equiptment so as soon as I've read (and re-read) the no kneading part I immediately tried it.

cinnamon rolls

Recipe over at thePioneerwomancooks.com and it comes with an extensive photo guides. The only thing I changed was the frostings, I added some cocoa to mine and made it a chocolate frosting. It's really good.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Chocolate Crinkles

chocolate crinkles

I dont like Chocolate Crinkles, or at least the chocolate crinkles that is usually sold in local bakeries here. It has the look of a chocolate crinkles but tasted more like bread than a soft cookie. My sister on the other hand is used to the chocolate crinkles baked on the upscale restaurants she favored and begged me one afternoon to make some.

I hit the google search page for a recipe, found one from AllRecipes.com that called for oil instead of butter, wrote it down and gave it to her after showing her where everything is. She came bugging me again after two hours to help her roll the cookies. Two hours wasn't enough time to harden the batter but as it was already 4 in the afternoon, we had to work fast to get them in the oven before they turn too soft to hold the shape of a ball.

They were delicious, soft and decadent. The chocolate is very rich with just a hint of bitterness in each bite to counter the extra sweetness of the powdered sugar. This one is definitely my sister's recipe from now on but I'll definitely volunteer to help with the rolling next time.